About Me

Who am I?

I‘m Jana and I‘m 21 years old. My great passion is cooking and photography which was also the reason why I decided to start my Instagram account lovinveganfood. My main focus is a balanced, healthy vegan diet and I love colourful food. In 2015 I‘ve started to look more into the topic of facepainting and from that moment on I‘ve created several painted faces. Here on this blog I want to connect facepainting and food photography and I am so happy that you are here. I‘ve always loved being creative, even as a little child. I spent hours drawing and that‘s why I decided to go to a school which specialized in art. Especially during the past few years I‘ve become more interested in photography and food styling is so much fun. And as time went on, I‘ve started to take pictures of my food and continued painting new masks. I‘m a huge fan of colourful creations and it is never colourful enough, am I right? Since I‘ve transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, many new doors opened and it is so much fun to experiment with new ingredients, fresh veggies and fruits. It‘s very important to me to show how easy and delicious vegan food is. I myself am often astonished how much the nature provides for us! The times I‘m not in my kitchen cooking or taking pictures I love doing sports. Especially running helps me to clear my mind and relax a bit after an exhausting and busy day. In the evening I love watching series while eating a delicious mugcake with lots of nut butter. The most important people in my life are the members of my family, who are always there for me, and my group of friends, who are the most supporting and kind human beings. Those relationships are so valuable and they always give me the feeling of being save and loved. But that‘s enough about me, have fun browsing through all the recipes and pictures and don‘t forget to tag me or send me a picture if you recreate any of my meals!
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